What does La Francophonie Canadienne mean exactly? Are we referring to a nation, a state, a community of belonging, a population that speaks the same language?

On this site, we invite you to discover ethnographic research in progress (2015-2020) describing the links between mobility and Franco-Canadian anchors, taking into account the past and the dynamics of the present. Our questions are:

  • How (and why) people considered “good francophones” leave their community to reinvent themselves elsewhere?
  • How (and why) does one become a Franco-Canadian, a Franco-Manitoban, or a Quebecer by arriving in a French milieu?
  • What forms does integration take within this local francophonie, and what issues do these raise?  
  • Does this anchor-mobility relationship reproduce the same identity dynamics as it has in the past, or, on the contrary, does it destabilize the very idea of ​​the nation?

Follow our ethnographic approach that seeks to uncover how people live mobility and new anchors, as we listen them and to and spend time alongside them in their local milieus. Join us in our exploration of spaces where frenchness, french, bilingualism and multilingualism are important issues at stake. Follow the paths of people returning, leaving, or circulating through francophone spaces of both the past and present. This site will allow you to keep informed on our reflections as we move forward, and our interactions with individuals and groups who have generously agreed to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives with us.